PermaLink Whale is a pain in the ass03/09/2007 04:07 PM

If Whale doesn't stop pooping in the corner of the hall, There Will Be Trouble(tm)...
Whale is... a challenge.  The last of the cats to actually show up at the house -- in 2003 -- she acts like upon her arrival, all other cats should have left the house.  Immediately.  As a result, she and she alone has problems with almost all the other cats, and shows it by refusing to use their catbox.  Alas, her chosen alternate location is a corner in the upstairs hall near the door to the porch.  And often.  And smelly.

She's a fat, cross-eyed, grumpy pain in the ass.  She shits anywhere she wants, she picks fights with the other cats, the other cats are fine without her, and she only knows one word... her own name.

Yes, she can quite clearly say "Whale!"  Ask anybody.

So, I am seriously thinking about adopting Whale out to someone where she can be the only cat.  Yeah, I should be most concerned about Whale's welfare and all that, but all I really care about is not finding catpoop in the corner any more and not having to listen to cat battles she instigates.


In other news, the wabbits are enjoying an outdoor adventure today, since it was warm.  There's really nothing for them to eat out there, of course, since everything is dry and brown, but they seemed to enjoy themselves anyway, watching out for imaginary hawks and eagles.

E-Trade  E-Shit has finally provided a way to pay my loan directly from my own checking account, after I'd been yelling about that for nearly a year.  True, they still managed to fuck it up in a small way, in that they somehow deduced I have used CheckFree in the past and insisted that I log into that to pay the thing, even though there was a perfectly good option to do a one-time electronic check thing.  I mean, I filled out the check thing and then it popped up and said, "from your entry, you seem to already have a CheckFree account" and then refused to accept the electronic check information, instead forcing me to remember and use my CheckFree login rather than just letting me say, "eat me, take the check information and like it, jackasses."

They cannot do anything really right.

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1. Turtle03/26/2007 04:19:17 PM

That would only encourage her, and there would be no way to keep EVERYONE from crapping in it. The real solution is for Whale to be an only cat somewhere... else.

2. ChangeWarrior (Deb)03/22/2007 07:47:56 PM

Have you thought about actually installing a 'Whale only' catbox in Whale's favourite corner?

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