PermaLink Many mouse encounters, and a suckless WinMobile app04/04/2007 02:02 PM

What the hell?  Where are all these mice coming from, in a house with a dozen cats???
I had another Mr. Mouse encounter last night.  I woke up about midnight hearing a sort of flapping sound, not really sure what it was or where it was coming from.  I immediately suspected the presence of a new Mr. Mouse.  Turned on the light, and sure enough, at the bottom of a plastic trash can near the lamp was a small gray mouse with a long tail.  He had been in there a while, because there were probably a dozen mouse poops in there, too.  I suppose he hopped down there trying to snack on crumbs or something, and then couldn't get his gray ass back up the plastic walls of the trash can.

I got up, and after properly lecturing him and photographing his mouseness at the bottom of the can, I carried the can outside.

"Don't jump out here, or you're gonna be dead," I warned him as we went through the living room, past seven oblivious cats on the couch.  We got out to the street, and I carried him across it and deposited his mouse butt atop a stone wall.  He sat there confused for a minute... I had to tweak his tail before he finally wandered away.

I won't even try to figure out why, in a house with a dozen cats, I've encountered eight different mice in the last year.  There are certain questions that are better if you walk away from them.

In other news, I finally found a Windows Mobile app that actually doesn't suck.  Unsurprisingly, it's not from Microsoft, it's from Google.  Google Maps for Mobile is just amazing if you have a Windows Mobile or Palm device with a decent wireless connection.  It seems to be even better if you have GPS available (which I don't on my T-Mobile MDA).  I spent way too much time farting around with it the other night... I am in one of the regions where they provide realtime traffic status updates (though it's limited to painting sections of the road red, yellow or green according to flow of traffic... no data about individual incidents) and it's quite cool.

On the front page of the app on the handheld, it's quite blunt, though:  do not use while driving.

I already have.

You can switch between satellite and map views, though there doesn't appear to be a way of setting your home (or some other point) as a "sticky" startpoint for directions.  Stepwise directions seem quite good... it's the only mapping software that ever gave me directions from home to work that actually represent the best way to get there (the route I've taken for 13 years).

So, you can make Windows Mobile suck less.  Go get Google Maps for Mobile and play with it.  EDGE or faster wireless connection advised, though I suppose a normal connection would be OK.  3G would rock.  I will research whether this would work with an external Bluetooth GPS receiver, because that would truly rock as well.

Suzanne and I won trivia last night, even though we were in fifth place leading into the final question:  who participated in the first televised Vice-Presidential election debates?  We shot from 5th to 1st because nobody else got the answer right.  Sometimes I surprise myself.
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1. Tim04/04/2007 05:53:18 PM

Been using Google Maps with traffic on a Blackberry for about a month. It rocks. Let's me determine how I'm going to go home as I'm walking out the door, not when I'm stuck in traffic with no way out on the expressway.

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