PermaLink It's edible, too!04/26/2007 11:58 PM

I used to write for e-Pro Magazine.  The magazine now has a second life that I am sure we never anticipated.

I think
Wayne and Libby would be quite proud.  Tonight, I took some fresh-picked mint leaves up to Suzanne's wabbits, up in the Purple Room, and I found that they had almost completely consumed the September, 2002 issue of e-Pro Magazine.  One of the cover features was "OpenNTF:  The Most Important Project You're Not Involved In (yet)."

That was my column for e-Pro, a column called @Command([ReadOn]).

I am such a
Notes/Domino guy, when I retyped that boldface stuff above (which, if you're a Domino developer, you'd know was a pseudo-Domino command), I actually ended the line with a semicolon.

Yeah, all you Notes folks are laughing at me now.

Anyway, I had a good time writing for e-Pro and made a little money at it, sufficient to buy myself toys and the occasional beer.  My old editor now teaches in Houston, another of my old editors does PR work in Vegas, and the magazine is just another memory now, a victim of the dot-com explosion that killed ad revenue for publications made of flat pieces of old torn-up trees.

Still, I am quite glad the wabbits like the taste of it.

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