PermaLink I can has cheezburger?05/30/2007 11:01 PM

Hai!  I can has?

Ah, yes.  Here we are again.  I finally broke down and spent the extra twenty bucks a month to get a fixed IP and the blessing to continue running this webserver which I've been running for six or seven years.

It's been a few weeks since we talked.  My roses are out, the house is well, cats are well, we're adopting a megawabbit.  Suzanne has not yet found a job lawyerin' in the DC area, but she's working on it.  Her MacBook blew its motherboard, Apple fixed it (with the much-improved M42A motherboard) and the diesel is still getting 50mpg at a time when diesel is now an average of 26 cents cheaper than 87-octane gasoline.

So, come ye back, y'all.  I promise life will be wonderful and our lives now resume on good old Port 80.

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By the way, the next generation of this site will not be in Domino.  It can has be in

And by the way again, Suzanne and I are getting married a year from this month, May 17, 2008.  This would have been my mother's 65th birthday.  I think she'd have liked that

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1. ehartsay06/07/2007 11:05:14 PM

Congrats! I have missed m*ch on this page!

2. Turtle06/07/2007 02:14:34 AM

My apologies. The server was upgraded, the template was upgraded, life changed a bit, and I had to fool around with the settings for nearly everything.

3. Patrick M06/06/2007 04:02:34 PM

Congrats on the marriage.

Good thing that we can comment again. I too never stopped reading but after a few comments I tried to post were "eaten", I was just


4. ChangeWarrior (Deb)06/05/2007 06:49:15 PM

& BTW...we didn't stop reading...we just stopped reading anything new.

5. Betsy Thiede06/04/2007 06:57:15 AM

How wonderful on your future marriage. I am very happy for you. Good luck, Suzanne, I hope you find an employment opportunity of your dreams.

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