PermaLink "It was a piece of crap (PIECE OF CRAP!)"06/01/2007 10:47 PM

In which Turtle removes bad digital karma from his house and replaces it with friendly waves of technology.

I say it here, now:  if you buy a Linksys WCG200 combination cable modem/wireless router, I will come to your house and kick your ass.

I finally had it up to here with this non-upgradeable flaky, badly-supported piece of shit, and ripped it out of my network last night.  However, in my long history of purging digital evil and its karma from my life, I took it out into the middle of the road outside the house and chopped it into bits with a hatchet, the steel blade producing sparks off the pavement.  Then I threw it all in the trash and went out and replaced it with two discrete devices, a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router I'd acquired for Suzanne's house up in New Jersey, and a Linksys cable modem.  Problem solved.

Over the years, I've dispatched a number of evil devices this way.  I once sledgehammered a balky Sony cassette deck on the sidewalk outside my old house in Pennsylvania (its replacement still functions just fine).  And most notably, when a long-ago Netware 3.12 server in the house refused to quit fucking up for no apparent reason, I pulled the cover off it, unbolted all the expensive parts in it, like the then-hot Adaptec 1542C SCSi controller, and then threw it out in the road and drove over it multiple times with my 1949 Ford tractor as Nancy videotaped it.  It ended up flat and in the dumpster.  Its successor also has never messed up in its life.

Technology does respond to human emotion, and sometimes, being nice isn't the way to do it.  Sometimes you just have to threated to kick the living shit out of it, and things will do what you want.

It's odd, I know, but it's worked more often than not.

By the way, the results of my efforts can be viewed here.

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1. Turtle06/07/2007 02:13:03 AM

Yeah, don't even mention their Windows-and-Internet-Explorer-only webcams, I am liable to puke in spectacular fashion.

I have one to sell.

2. Kelly Grimm06/05/2007 07:05:16 PM

You are more kind to Linksys than I am. I have banished Linksys from my home *period*. I have a not-too-old MPEG4 wireless camera that won't do WPA. I bought a Gigabit switch from them, and they don't do jumbo frames - even though the chipset supports them. So screw 'em. I'll take my money elsewhere.

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