PermaLink Inroads06/07/2007 03:28 PM
It's entirely possible that my efforts in the last six weeks or so have given Domino an entirely new lease on life here.  After 13 years, I was worried it was going to fade out, but now it's definitely not going to do any such thing.

The takeover of the wayward Lockheed-Martin project is pretty much complete. After we spent millions of dollars and three years on a goofy, unreliable non-Domino-hosted system, we're doing a major rework of the pre-existing (and better) Domino-based content management system, and it'll look pretty good in the future. We had a meeting of a couple of dozen people from all over the organization for two days this week to thrash out what they wanted the next generation of the software to look like and what interesting new features they might like, and amazingly, only a few people suggested things that were technically impossible or stupid. Almost everything else is practical, and some of it, I've already got code for because those features were the subject of design experiments of mine during times when I've been bored.

There were a lot of those times, so I have a lot of code in the can waiting to be used.

But we really amazed some people. Domino is a system that lets you say "yes" a lot. There was a longtime executive here who had a personal vendetta against it for years for some unknown reason, but he's been retired for some time. Eventually, if you're patient in a place like this, you outlast all the assholes, hopefully without becoming one along the way.

In other news, I am replacing my dead Yamaha synthesizer, the fabulous old SY-85 that I'd had since 1992. It died of old age and cat whiz, and its identical 1992-vintage replacement is on its way from Chicago, purchased for barely one-eighth of the new price via the miracle that is eBay. I was the only bidder. Suzanne has acquired a new printer, an Epson Stylus Photo 1400, for its ability to print pages up to 13" wide. She has ended up with the task of completing a scrapbook commemorating her parents' fiftieth anniversary a couple years ago, and the Epson apparently has spectacular quality on the commonly-used 12x12 matte-finish scrapbook page paper they sell. It's sort of odd... a 10-sheet pack of that paper lists for $20, but you can find places online that carry the exact same stuff for $9.75. And stupidly, two days ago, listed the paper as available for pickup at most stores (which makes sense, since they sell this printer) but yesterday, it listed it as unavailable for pickup at any store.

Who thinks this stuff up?

We've also been working on setting up her blog site on this system, The site will be about... well, rabbits. We're definitely adopting one of the little Flemish Giants once they're born, but the litter isn't due until this weekend. They'll be ready to adopt in early August, which means another haul up to a tiny place north of Carlisle called Loysville, Pennsylvania. Another nice workout for the diesel, which is still getting spectacular mileage even though I'm driving fast this week due to perpetual lateness, and using the air conditioner due to 95-degree temperatures expected tomorrow.

And yes, I had to do some fooling around to get inbound SMTP to work as it had before I was forced to recert the entire /WDP domain a few weeks back. Inbound mail comes in, outbound mail goes out, and spam gets tossed. Sorry, all you Russian and Korean spammers, go sniff somewhere else now, OK?

I'm hoping the 8.0 gold code is out by the end of the summer so I can implement it at work this fall. I really want to go straight from 6.5.4 to 8.x without stopping at 7.

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