PermaLink Some people...06/14/2007 01:36 PM
Dork:  somebody who sends you an email, then runs down the hall to "make sure you got it."

Believe it or not, I am now in my third month of a personal campaign to try to be nicer to people.  The effort has actually been minimal, and the results have been good, so I don't see much reason to end the experiment.  I suspect clueless cashiers, inattentive waiters and anyone working in a county office has benefited from this without knowing it.

In other news, Audrey is sick. She has the dreaded signs of ketosis, an outcome of kidney or liver problems. Smelly breath, drooling, doesn't want to eat or drink, weight loss, dehydration. I've never had a cat survive this, so I'll hope it's not either kidney or liver problems. Bert, for example, had some of these symptoms a year or so ago, but in that case he just had a tooth that was infected and once it was pulled, he was back to his usual berfy self. Before him, Stupocat had some pretty bad tooth issues, but after some dental work he has lived several years longer. However, I got an email this morning from Nancy -- who hasn't emailed me unbidden in several years -- saying he has a serious cancer and she doesn't expect him to live much longer. I appreciated being told... he's a pretty old stupocat and in some ways I am astonished he survived all the dumb stunts and accidents he was in over the years. He's 17, year as anyone can figure. Audrey, though, is only seven and should live much longer.

Suzanne finally captured her and put her in the carrier, and is taking her over to the vet in Charles Town to have a look. I will hope for dental issues, which are simple to resolve, rather than kidney or liver, which in my experience is always fatal.

I'd prefer not to lose cats in pairs like Henry and Yellowcat back in January. That was a very difficult time and I'd like to go a lot longer between losses.

I spent yesterday working on code for a revival of the ListServ for Domino project I stuck my name on at The guts of the code are pretty simple, it's going to be mostly a challenge of reformatting mail messages and figuring out all those fancy remote-control functions listserv operators like to have. Why such a project languished for so long, I'm not sure, but it may well have to do with the same mindset I was in for months: it's so simple, you just never get around to actually writing the code. The hard stuff is much more interesting and attractive.

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