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One of the nice things about living here is walkin' around... eating stuff.

Over the last couple of days, Suzanne's task has been to collect up a lot of the wild black raspberries that grow around here in great number. She's done so, and in addition to making raspberry muffins and raspberry crisp, we took some berries down to Bethesda when we visited her relatives. There, someone (I'm not sure who)... put sugar on them!

The fastest way to turn a wild berry to mushy shit is to put sugar on them. It's like putting salt on an ice cube.

I said nothing.

Anyway, tonight, with another five or six cups of berries, we decided to make puree with which we could then make ice cream or pancake syrup or practically anything else later. Since I didn't have a blender that I knew of, she pulled her Black & Decker blender out, we stuffed it full of berries, and hit some buttons.

Things went downhill from there.

The motor in the blender didn't seem to have any valid speeds. It was either "hi" or "low," and none of the other buttons seemed to make much difference. We churned the stuff away for a while, but when it came time to pop the blender container off the top of the motor, the blades and the bottom of the container decided to stay with the motor base. Instantly, a couple of cups of purple glop came down the base and all over the stove and floor like some sort of weird Barney-themed pyroclastic flow.

"What the fuck is wrong with this thing???"

Suzanne didn't have any suggestions.

We cleaned up the mess and salvaged the rest of the puree, pouring it into a strainer over a large measuring cup. When the smoke cleared, there was very little purpleness left on the stove, and there was glop slowly dripping down into the measuring up, nearly a pint when all was said and done (and cleaned). I also rinsed off the thousands of seeds and put them aside to dry, figuring that I'll distribute them all over the property in the hopes that it'll yield hundreds more vines in the future. The puree is incredibly pungent, but quite sweet overall. Not something you want to eat straight, unless you were the sort when you were a kid to stick a spoon in the Smucker's jar and eat it by the hour. I wasn't.

Next up is the red raspberries, and they're even more abundant and longer-lasting than the blacks. Used to be that when I had Fifth of July parties, one aspect of it was having the guests pick their own dessert toppings. Here's a colander, there's the bush, go for it.

I sprayed a lot of the tree fruit this week... the three kinds of apples, and two large peach trees. I also checked on the blueberries, which aren't going to be numerous but they'll be well-formed. Basically, the schedule of fruit around here is...

  1. Cherries, though the birds destroy them all, the little fuckers
  2. Black raspberries in mid-to-late-June (like now)
  3. Red raspberries in early July
  4. Blueberries in later July
  5. Peaches in August, assuming they don't all get brown rot or fall off
  6. Apples at various times in August and leading into September
  7. Pears in late August and September, though I never remember to pick them and let them ripen

Part of my reason for liking living here is the option of wandering around the yard all summer... eatin' stuff. I don't plant many ornamentals basically because I don't eat ornamental plants.

Among other things, there are already small tomatoes and jalapenos on the plants we put in pots on the patio a month ago. They'll do well, assuming Suzanne remembers to water them if I'm not here to do it. She has pansies in boxes on the front porch.

I don't eat pansies.

The rabbits might.

Maybe that's why she waters them.

Anyway, it's been a good weekend and a decent beginning to the week. Food is appearing.
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