PermaLink Let this be a lesson06/30/2007 12:15 AM
Don McNally sent me some new code to fix a problem in the ListServ for Domino (LSD) system I'm working on at the OpenNTF site.  As usual, I made a dumbass mistake and learned something.

Don sent some code which finally allowed the "append a list signature to all outgoing emails" function to work as I intended. However, I was way too eager to run it, so I just hit the CONTINUE button in the Lotuscript debugger. The lightning-bolt flashed at the lower-left corner of my Notes client before, after fifteen seconds, I realized the thing was in a loop.

It had blown out my network access point and my cable modem.

We restarted them both, and then I restarted the server. When the server came up, and the smoke cleared, I checked the offsite webmail account I use as a testing target. In fifteen seconds, the son of a bitch had sent three thousand, four hundred ninety-seven emails. All identical, of course.

I threw them all away and went and fixed my code.

Amusingly, the other day Don suggested that this code might not be able to handle the load of several lists and many subscribers on a list. Well, if my test showed, the thing could probably easily send ten or twelve thousand emails a minute, more than enough to satisfy every list I've ever been on or managed. In fact, it could probably keep some Russian V!@gr@ spammers happy. I might have a new market!

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