PermaLink Trying to be useful, and E-Shit, Round Four07/09/2007 01:43 PM
Lately I've found that the parts of the site that get the most action are the parts I put the least work into.  Still, if you've used the various drivers and tech tips I've put up around here lately, cool.  Pleased to help.

The HP LaserJet 1020 driver for Mac OSX is rather popular, which didn't surprise me, but the drivers for that eMachines keyboard are even more popular (if I'm to believe my Google search referrals). I guess I should become the Purveyor Of Weird, Undersupported Hardware Drivers or something and get a million hits. As it is, the server gets about 6000 hits a day, but a lot of them are going to my CT-90 motorcycle site, and even to the old Beer Looter Dude site.

I actually had a dream about my Hondas last night, about troubleshooting bizarre problems on them. That's the sort of dreaming you end up with when you're me.

Oh, and in a lot of dreams I am on the Segway.

Once again, I am annoyed with E-Trade. I just have no idea how they call themselves a "bank." Their website is atrocious... nowhere, nowhere to just view my statements for my home equity loan. If you go through their help, the one link that says, "click here to view your mortgage or home equity loan statements" produces a 404 error. If you're reading this and you work for E-Shit, quit now before your employment there becomes a stain on your resume and you end up unemployable. I just wish they'd sell my loan and I could be with a decent bank. A real bank. Not these dildos.

Some of my hits, by the way, come from, which was set up by a guy whose dad died. He had something like $94 left in an E-Trade account when he died, and his son was simply trying to close the account and get a check for the $94. E-Shit, as usual, took as long as possible and did it in the most convoluted way possible, lying to him and misinforming him along the way. He actually told them he was going to register the domain name, "," and then went ahead and did it. I just wish the guy had a place where other people could post their tales of woe dealing with E-Shit, because I think he'd get hundreds. They are just awful. Don't do business with them.

Me, I can't even watch their smug commercials. A new way of banking? My ass. It's the old way: fuck you, give us your money and shut up. The only other entity that causes that reaction in me is George W. Bush, but he doesn't hold a note on my house.

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