PermaLink Google can be very...07/11/2007 11:11 PM
I signed up for Google AdSense for one of the sites I maintain.  Their initial selection of "targeted ads" leaves something to be desired.

I have a site devoted to the maintenance, collecting and restoration of Honda CT-90 and CT-110 motorcycles.. Since it gets thousands of hits a month, I figured I'd sign up for Google AdSense so that visitors might find information about vendors for stuff related to these bikes.

Well, they indexed the site, and the first ads have started showing up. What are they for?

Restaurant menus.


Because the site is in a frameset, and the name of the page that constitutes the left-hand menu in which the ad code lives is called "menu."

Fuckin' duh.

I guess I have to go over and edit the page now, to put some verbage in to trigger the search crawler to key on something useful. Wottapainintheass.

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Blabber :v

1. promse07/17/2007 11:36:16 AM

i want it to be reactivities

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