PermaLink Slow-moving power07/28/2007 12:28 AM
We went and watched lots of large, heavy objects move slow tonight.  Every year, I go down to the annual steam and tractor show sponsored by the Shenandoah Steam & Tractor Club, of which I'm a member.  Friday night is their tractor pull, and we go down and watch large 50-to-80-year-old objects pull a rather heavy new pulling sled.

I used to show some of my small tractors at this show, but haven't in a couple of years now... 2003, I think, was the last year I went. Normally I'd take the big truck, load the restored International (it's a 1959 Cub Lo-Boy, if you know anything about them) and some of my Cub Cadets on it, and take a tent and a computer and camp out. One year I also took along the i167 Segway and amazed people with it.

But I haven't done that in a few years now. I do always go to at least one day of the show, though. The bean soup is excellent, looking at old stuff is always worthwhile, and I usually learn at least one new thing. My future wife has gotten fairly knowledgeable about what goes on with tractor pulls, but can't always tell the difference between, say, an Oliver Super 88 and a John Deere G. My one new thing to learn tonight was seeing a propane-powered Oliver 99 tractor from the late 1940s. I'd literally never even suspected they existed, and here this one was, pulling on the track.

A couple of steam engines came out and pulled, too. They don't normally pull in competition because of their truly insane power and weight. No matter how you set that sled up, they have more than enough traction and torque to drag the thing to another zip code if you like. These tonight were no exception. And yes, they sound like small locomotives when they get under power. One guy makes soup on his... puts vegetables and stuff in a big glass jar and leans it up against the boiler when he has it on a banked fire all day to keep it warm. By dinnertime, it's soup.

It's not for everybody. I think Marilyn hated being there the one year I took her, and Penny seemed much more interested in the antiques and crafts than the machinery. This one seems all right with it all, though.

Among other adventures, tomorrow, we are probably adopting a new kitten! We met him the other night in the adoption area at PetSmart in Frederick, and today I called the rescue organization that arranges the adoptions and talked to one of the people running it. Tomorrow, we meet them and hopefully come home with a very smart and playful white-and-stripeycat three-month-old kitten. Our idea is that the new megawabbit (who arrives next weekend) should have a kitten to grow up with, since the next youngest cats in the house are the Millennium Kittens, Bert, Phil and Margaret, and they are now over seven years old and big slugs.

Tucker seems better since his trips to the vet and the eye doctor. Nora just gave him his thrice-daily medication (eye drops and ointment) and sometime next week, we find out the results of a complex set of blood tests designed to identify what bacteria might be causing the systemic infection that led to a hemorrhage in his right eye last week. For right now, he lords it over the bathroom and commands us to bring him smellyfood and cat litter. He is grudgingly tolerating me, so Nora gives him his drugs. I don't want him to have yet another thing to hold against me.

Rain bypassed us. Storms to the north of us, lightning to the south, here I am, stuck in the middle with dew.

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2. Jim Rogers08/15/2007 10:57:06 PM

So where are the tractor pages from the old Turtle web site? Those were always great to poke around in!

3. Nora07/28/2007 12:47:30 AM

I do not mistake an Oliver for a John Deere. Pleazzzzzz!

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