PermaLink Caturday!07/29/2007 12:03 AM
We can has kitten!  For the first time in years, there's a new kitten in the house!

The other night, we met a Pretty Good Kitten. He was being adopted out by Friends For Life, a no-kill shelter and adoption agency in Frederick that has some cats at the PetSmart store. We met this kitten Thursday night, called them about him Friday, and this morning, went over and did the papers to bring him home.

He is a most honorable kitten... fierce and friendly, curious, observant, purrs a lot, and has really soft toes. And sharp teeth when he gets annoyed.

We brought him home and set him up with a home in the bedroom, complete with food and water, a nice plush mat, and some stuff to play with. We haven't introduced him to the general population of cats yet, but we've taken lots of pictures of him basically being a kitten. He's 12 weeks old and colored in a scheme I refer to as "a white cat partially painted with stripeycat colors." Whale is a lot like that, but she's a whiny cross-eyed bozo. This kitten -- who deliberately has no name yet, until he makes his name apparent -- isn't a cross-eyed bozo.

We got him mostly with the idea that he and the new megawabbit would grow up together. He shows signs that he'll grow up to be a pretty big cat, and we can show him how to be friendly and genteel... as I told Nora, there's no cat socialization issue I can't deal with. I've pretty much seen and resolved it all.

Even Tucker.

As a sidebar, I do miss having kittens around the house. The last kittens here were in 2001, Mildred and Harry. Harry died tragically of a brain disease in July 2002, and Mildred ran off after deciding she was an outdoor cat. Prior to them, it was Bert, Phil and Margaret in 2000. I found them in the first floor of the barn just before an ice storm, sick and sniffly, and brought them in and showed them how to drink from a bowl.

This kitten already knows how to eat.

We've seen him.

You'll probably see far too much of him, here and on Nora's blog. He will temporarily displace the wabbits, likely, though the wabbits will hold fast after the megawabbit arrives this time next weekend.

This will be an interesting summer.

He smells like a kitten.

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2. Turtle07/30/2007 01:04:36 PM

You could always coat the cats with nitrogen tri-iodide. It's unstable under pressure, so the minute the dog chomps on the cat, it blows their lips off. They'll learn.

3. Declan Lynch07/30/2007 09:56:43 AM

Such a lovely kitten.

We'd love to add some kittens to our family but one of our huskeys still hasn't figured out how to play gently with our current cat ( and he has plenty of scratches on the nose to prove it )

4. Adeleida07/29/2007 02:48:15 AM

ah, CUTE! That is the most gorgeous smoochable face... He is really, really pretty!

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