PermaLink Max has entered the world08/01/2007 12:12 AM
His name is Max.  Mad Max, really.  He's a true GrumpyKitten(tm) and he'll fit in here terrifically well...

The kitten has made his name known. He's Max, Kitten of the Ineffectual Growl, Kitten of the Tiny Claws, Kitten of the Impossibly Large Personal Space.

He's already growled at Bert, Gus, Tucker, Emma, Mary, Clara, and me. He still has a few cats to go. Oddly, he doesn't get grumpy at the wabbits... I think he doesn't really think they are alive or something. I can assure you, they are. In fact, this Caturday, there will be another future-enormous wabbit moving in with Max in his enclosure in the bedroom.

I have no idea what he'll do then.

He'll figure it out.

He has really, really big ears.

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1. Turtle08/01/2007 03:58:18 PM

The megawabbit will have enormous ears... Max's ears are rather large, and if he grows into them, he, too, will be rather large. For now he's just kitten-sized. I guess he and the wabbit can trade ears stories or something.

2. lane08/01/2007 12:33:16 PM

The cat and the super-wabbit or just the super-wabbit?

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