PermaLink Almost time for Gonzo Lotusphere 200808/03/2007 07:58 PM
Yeah, here we are in August, and it's almost time to start ramping up for Lotusphere 2008, and of course the tenth edition of the Gonzo Lotusphere Page.  Expect sizable changes.

The old software is going to have to make way for something more interesting. I realized the other night that when it started, the Gonzo Lotusphere Page provided information you couldn't get anywhere else, but as time has gone on, and the blogging phenomenon has made it possible for everyone to basically do their own Sphere sites (and dozens of people do), I think it's time for me to phase out some of the older stuff nobody uses (don't worry, the previous years' sites are as available as always) and focus on stuff I can provide that's unique.

Mostly, that means, "what's in my head."

Time to get personal again. Expect less "breaking news," since every IBM and Lotus person can break news faster than I can. Probably a lot less information about offsite resources, since few people stay offsite these days, and those that do already know where everything is. Expect a lot more strange commentary, and, as I started last year, video and photo updates of things. Wireless is amazing... being able to shoot video and have it on the site in fifteen minutes or less is something that was just impossible in 1998. Blogging from the conference rooms in real time is amazing, something that would have been actually frowned on ten years ago.

So, look for Gonzo Lotusphere to morph into a meta-blog with participation from the peanut gallery. A clearinghouse for quick access to other people's blogs and other information, sort of one-stop-shopping for your Sphere needs.

Sometimes I confuse "need" and "want." Sorry about that.

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1. Turtle08/14/2007 11:36:32 PM

Me, I am a big fan of INappropriate venues.

2. Jack Kelly08/08/2007 01:09:02 PM

hmmmmmm..."participation from the peanut gallery"...sounds like a great way to experiment with collaboration in an appropriate venue. Looking forward to it.

3. Wild Bill08/05/2007 02:08:01 PM

Nice one! Looooooking forward to your always *unique* take on things..

---* Bill

4. Adeleida08/04/2007 10:23:44 AM

Cool. Nothing wrong with WANTS. Being in technology has never been about needs...imagine where computers would be if we ignored our innermost secret geek desires...

5. Andy Donaldson08/03/2007 09:16:52 PM

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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