PermaLink Benjamin Bunny meets the world08/06/2007 03:20 PM
As promise, here he is, the future megawabbit.  He is KC-Benjamin Bunny, better known as Ben when you wanna have a beer with him.  Nora calls him "Benji," which is more like a small, annoying dog who whines until you share your ice cream cone with him.  This wabbit does not whine.

He grinds his teeth a little, though...

We drove up to the breeder and picked him up on Saturday. We went in, and he sat right up and sniffed us, the only one in the container of small wabbits who did so. It was as if he figured out who we were and said, "OK, time for me to go! Welcome, glad to see you!"

The others lounged around in the box flexing their ears at us.

He was remarkably calm in the car on the way back, even enjoying a trip through WalRusMart and PetSmart as we sought unsuccessfully to purchase a suitable baby or pet scale. He just lounged in a rabbit box on Nora's lap, occasionally digging at the bedding and rearranging himself, but in all respects was quite calm and pleasant.

We got home and introduced him to his new enclosure, and he immediately consumed a lot of water and some food (pellets and oats). He obviously had been waiting for this all day.

Shortly thereafter, we introduced him to Max, which confused the hell out of the kitten. He's like, "what's this thing?" Ben hopped around on the bed, sniffing and tasting everything and everybody, and would hop right up to Max and sniff him, ears all alert. It must have been the enormous ears that freaked Max out, because he reacted in a less-than-cordial manner.

Ben wasn't the least intimidated. Max eventually sat down watchfully, keeping an eye on Ben and occasionally bouncing over to him, whopping him on the head and running away. The megawabbit was very patient, quite likely figuring that in a month or two, he'll be far larger than Max and if any trouble breaks out, he can just sit on him.

Over the last couple of days they've gotten more used to each other. Ben thumps around his enclosure, eating and drinking a lot, and when he comes out to hop on the bed, Max tries to wrestle him. We've also introduced Ben to Bert -- Bert, like Max, is rather unable to figure out what to do with him -- and to one of the other wabbits, with whom we'd like him to be friends, since the other two wabbits tend to gang up on her or leave her out of their little wabbit conversations. She seemed to like him just fine, and hopefully she can use him as a bodyguard when he begins to reach his massive size potential.

By the way, he is 2.3 pounds right now, but the breeder is quite sure he'll exceed the size of his 14-pound father and 16-pound mother. Like all Flemish Giants, his ears are already enormous, like big brown banana fronds waving in the breeze. He folds them up when he's resting or relaxing (or going in for the attack, as in the above picture).

I still love this Nikon D50. There's no way I'd get half the shots I get with it on any other camera. Still, Nora insists on using her old Nikon L1, and then complains when she misses a shot as it takes an eternity autofocusing. She insists she "wants the pictures on my camera" and doesn't understand the logic when I tell her, "why not just put your SD card in the D50, and then put it back in your camera when you're done?"

Ben is capable of emitting two poops per minute even when he's just idling. This produces a fearsome mountain of little rabbit Raisinets if you're not careful. Hopefully, he'll figure out that the bed is not to be pooped on, and save it up for a big shotgun blast in his own wabbit-box.

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