PermaLink We're becoming them08/14/2007 11:52 AM
I have a clock running in my head, wondering how long it'll be before other nations start protesting human rights abuses.  Here.

I find it a little more than coincidental that at a time when the United States has been much less vocal about abuses of human rights in other nations, things have changed in recent years to increase the abuse and misuse of rights here in this country. I figure these two things must be related, since you can't very well speak up about China's political prisoners when we have hundreds of them in this country and in Guantanamo. You can't really complain about Saudi Arabia's torture regime when we've been torturing and abusing prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan, and kidnapping foreign nationals and taking them to other countries where torture seems more accepted. You can't complain about rigged elections in Mexico or the Phillipines when we have the most money-corrupted election process in the world, where voting is an uncertainy controlled by private companies who make electronic voting machines that produce no durable record of one's vote. And you can't complain about Britain or Zimbabwe or China spying on their citizens when we conduct warrantless searches and conduct secret trials authorized by nameless judges in unknown locations.

Those of you who are grumbling that if I dislike this situation so much, I should go live somewhere else. Yeah. And take away one more voice saying, "we can be better than this, and we have been in the past, and should be again." The people who leave are a loss... staying and working for change is the American way.

America is slowly becoming all the evils it claims to fight in the world.

Time to stop it.

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