PermaLink Ben is getting enormous09/19/2007 12:20 AM
Ben is large, the sound in the TDI is large, the weeds around the driveway are large, the jalapenos are large, the poops in the catbox are large.  Nothing gets smaller over time except my sense of accomplishment and the fuel level in the car.

Ben... is fucking huge.

Not the truly enormous size he'll be in a few months, but he's already larger than any other wabbit in the house and several of the cats.

Speaking of cats, we rescued one of Nora's cats from earlier in her life, so Simba now lives here, raising our population back to 14. Her ex-boyfriend had had enough of Simba pooping in unauthorized places, and was ready to take him to the shelter, until Nora stepped in and told John she wouldn't forgive him if he took him to the shelter. Within hours, John and his present girlfriend (and her somewhat-hyper son) arrived with Simba. We were quite pleased.

Simba is now up in the bathroom with Tucker, sharing kittenfud and a catbox. Simba reminds me a great deal of the late Mao, who died in 2002. Same build, same wide-eyed, flat-faced Othercat look. Same gentle temperament edged with immense strength. I like him already.

Kinda like Ben.

The new subwoofer in the TDI is nothing if not astonishing. Not an expensive unit, but coupled with the eight speakers from the factory setup and a clean head unit, suddenly there is bass out fhe fucking ass. The last car that had this sort of heartbeat-interrupting kick was my 1968 Volvo with an amazing Alpine head unit driving speakers under the 142's rear window, allowing the entire trunk to act as a bass cabinet. Some nights driving out on I-80 in Pennsylvania, I was worried the thing would blow the back glass out into the road behind me. And that was 21 years ago.

I still miss that Volvo, and that stereo. The '68 was an amazing piece of work.

Note to self: I need to hide all of Nora's "old lady" nylons and get her some good ones. She has the legs for it, I have no idea why she puts up with cheap stockings that look like she's just been let out of the retirement home. Or the night shift at Denny's.

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