PermaLink Where are they now?10/03/2007 11:54 PM

One is married. One is now lesbian. Several are still out there looking. One is in a serious relationship but probably won't get married to him because he'll never be good enough. One is dating around but won't get married because she's not good enough. One is now a single mother, because she wanted a baby more than she wanted an adult. Two moved. One is back in therapy. One is dead.

In the time I was truly single, I think I went on something like 175 first dates. Think about that. 175 first dates in four years. That's more than one a week, when you figure that I was in several fairly long-term relationships in that time period. And yes, some of those led to second dates, or third, or more, and a whole bunch led to sex.

Whew, yes, a bunch led to sex.

But ultimately, like some weird reality show that cost me a lot of money, there was only one survivor, and she's upstairs feeding the wabbits right now. I have to say, I'm pleased how it worked out. I am not going to say that Nora is the best possible woman I could have found through that whole adventure, but then again, there is no "best."

Is she my absolute ideal? Nope.

Did I ever meet such a woman? Nope.

I met some women I thought might be ideal but either they weren't really available (Hi, Julie! Did you make up with your husband?) or they were trying to figure out their identity (Hi, Susan!) or were locked into truly stupid self-image problems and assumptions about family roles (Hi, Karen!) or they were just... not right. Or factually nuts.

No, I won't give all those women a shout out. There are too many and I'm tired of typing.

But Nora... fits. She doesn't drive me too crazy, she has a good job, she likes many of the things I like, she looks terrific in a red dress and heels, and the cats adore her.

She fits.

Some guys my age tell me I'm insane to get married again.

I'm insane not to.

The chances I'll have in my life to get this close to the ideal are not going to be numerous, and I am nothing if not pragmatic. Take it. It's good.

And she moos back at me.

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1. Devin Olson10/29/2007 04:04:13 PM

Congratulations my friend.

2. Wild Bill10/04/2007 06:19:28 AM

Go for it. Congratulations!

After all, isnt second marrage the triumph of optimism over experience?

"Be reckless in love and cooking" -- The Dai Lama

---* Bill

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