PermaLink Google strikes again11/20/2007 05:09 PM
Google's ad-placement comes up with another winner.

On another site I write, I have the Google AdSense ad placements... they make me a little money and often amuse me.

The latest gem came from an ad at the bottom of a page wherein I mentioned that one of the cats is sick.

What does the ad say?

Great Deals on dog has diarrhea!

If you click through the ad (which I'm not really supposed to do on my own site), you get to ShopZilla, which repeats its incredible offer to find you amazing deals on dog has diarrhea.

Shop at your own risk. And clean up afterward.

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Blabber :v

1. Meg12/18/2007 04:47:11 PM

Hi: I just found your sight and like it, the parts about the animals anyway. I believe you live in Frederick, MD. Is that correct??? If I don't find my way back here, PLEASE email me at I have a pressing question to ask you.
Thanks In Advance,


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