PermaLink Yes, it's been ages since I've written.12/27/2007 11:23 AM
But nobody much seems to worry about it, so I guess I won't, either.

Mostly terrible things have happened since the last time I wrote. As you may have learned from Nora's blog at, our giant wabbit, Ben, died after surgery on December 17. He had somehow broken his leg, badly enough that it required reconstruction with a plate and pins. He was in post-op and suddenly turned for the worse and died. Even the surgeon was mystified, saying that this should have been routine. It wasn't. The big wabbit died at about 7:30pm.

We've been off-balance ever since. He was a majestic, friendly wabbit, fond of nibbling on everything from clothes to the house to shoes to me. He'd have been a champion, like his parents, and everyone who met him, even the people at the surgical clinic in Virginia, liked him immediately. Big, friendly, leafy ears on a thoughtful head. Enormous feet. Big soft guts. A substantial tail.

Strangely, that very day, we learned later that my stepmother's dog, Ripley, had been hit and killed by a car when he was chasing a snowmobile that had passed their house while my stepmother was playing with him. He was pretty much all she had left at home after my father died this summer, so she's taking it particularly badly. She had met Ben and felt very badly for us that he was gone.

Things at work have been nondescript. Nothing much happens toward the end of the year, and less still when we have Christmas and New Year's on Tuesday, pretty much fracturing the week. I brought my PSP in today, figuring I'd get caught up on some rounds with Tiger Woods and maybe watch The Blues Brothers again.

Speaking of movies, I realized you can keep It's a Wonderful Life and especially A Christmas Story. While I like Jean Shepherd's monologues, like the ones he used to do as sort of rambling beat raps on the old WOR in New York late at night for years, and Donna Reed is always pleasant to look at, my favorite Christmas film by far is Holiday Inn. Most people know that's the movie that introduced "White Christmas," but it also introduced "Happy Holidays" (that song that Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, as well as Jack Jones, recorded in the 1950s and 1960s) and "Easter Parade." Sure, later on there was the 1954 film, White Christmas, with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye rather than Fred Astaire, and of course Easter Parade, but Holiday Inn featured them all. It seems more real mostly because it's black and white. We watched that in the hotel room on Christmas Eve, eating cookies and having cocktails while the three small wabbits hopped around the room trying to eat the wallpaper.

This time, I made sure I got a room with a microwave and a refrigerator.

So, here we are, another year all shot to hell. I won't say that 2007 was a good one; it started out bad and got progressively worse, which is why I've been so out of sorts and haven't been putting a lot of effort into the Gonzo Lotusphere site. Sorry. It's a little difficult to work when you're in depression from medical and legal hassles, the loss of three cats and a giant wabbit, and my father all in one year. The antidepressants only go so far. After that, pets are required, and I keep losing them lately.

Let's see what happens next year.

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1. Turtle12/27/2007 02:15:59 PM

Jeez, I hope so...

2. Don McNally12/27/2007 02:11:32 PM

Sorry to hear about Ben. I could tell how excited you were about him. I was actually going to write in the last couple of weeks and see what you were up to since you hadn't posted lately. I hope the "gathering of the geeks" in three weeks will help your spirits.

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