PermaLink Lookit the SIZE of that thing!01/17/2008 11:48 AM
The empty throne for Our Flemish Overlord has now been passed to a new sovereign.

Meet ML Samuel Gompers, also known as King Samuel or just Sam.

He... is fuckin' huge.

He is, at the time this picture was taken, just over nine weeks old. Compare and contrast some of the pictures Nora has on her site at with KC Benjamin Bunny, when he was four or five MONTHS old.

Sam is a monolith.

We adopted him last Sunday from a different breeder up in Pennsylvania. Sam and all of his brothers were amazingly large, and their parents are just incredibly enormous. All of them were quite friendly, but we liked Sam's coloring and temperament best, so he came home with us.

So far, he doesn't care much for carrots, he wants to hump Jemimah but isn't quite sure what to do, and his mortal enemy is a metal pie pan I have in the bedroom window to act as a plant tray. He picks it up and throws it around whenever he sees it. None of the cats seem to notice him much, I guess they figure he's just another large wabbit. His personality is quite different than Ben, though... he's curious but not too willful. He hops around the bed investigating things, but if we settle down, he hops over into the windowsill and turkeys up to watch the world. At least until the next battle against the pie plate, or when it's time to gnaw on a DVD case or something. I invited him to chew up my E-Trade statement, and he chewed a little of it but didn't like the taste.

He has some sense. I don't like E-Trade, either.

Anyway, he will at least double his present size. He may well be ready to show by his sixth-month birthday, and he could show in the 6/8 class, which is for junior megawabbits who are not yet nine months old. His lineage has many champions and many enormous wabbits in it from good breeders all over the country.

And he clacks his teeth a lot. That's good. It's what wabbits do when they're reasonably happy.

We figure he is.

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1. Turtle01/28/2008 10:39:48 AM

Yeah, but Sam is definitely King Sam, though sometimes he acts like King Shit.

2. Nora01/21/2008 08:01:41 PM

Samuel was never a king -- he anointed kings. He was a prophet par excellence.

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