PermaLink Lotusphere was amazing. But you already know that.01/28/2008 01:42 PM
If you were there, you know this.  If you weren't there, you wish you were.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, skip this one and read about giant wabbits again.

I am definitely riding the immense high that comes from my yearly dose of smart people and high technology, Lotusphere. This was my 14th year down in Orlando, though the first one in which I didn't drive down or back. Credit that to difficult scheduling and prior commitments.

So, where to start?

If you have an iPhone, IBM has Notes Mail for you.

If you have a web browser, Domino Web Access now has a "lite" mode to keep you from waiting around while all the crap on the full DWA client loads. And loads. And loads. And loads. And loads, over a typical slow-ish phone connection (which is all most people have, sorry). Even at the 170kbps I can get with T-Mobile EDGE on my aging MDA, it's too long, so I barely use it.

If you have Quickr/QuickPlace, you are at the center of IBM's heart and you own the world.

If you have SAP, your world is now connected to the IBM/Lotus Domino world, and new light will shine upon you.

If you have SharePoint, you suck. No, seriously, there are connections coming between SuckPoint and Quickr.

If you have a monaural turntable, please turn it in to the nearest police station.

Anyway, it was great to see all the usual people down there. Bob Costas was the speaker at the opening keynote, which puzzled an enormous number of non-US attendees. Thanks to the strong euro, non-US attendees were in abundance and they had no idea who this guy was, why he was there, or most of what he was talking about. Well, you can't have Al Franken every year, kids... sometimes the events staff gets who they get and we move on from there.

The Product Showcase: lots and lots of video conferencing vendors. Lots of spam-fighters. Lots of giveaways of Nintendo Wiis and iPhones. Lots of nice booth babes. As usual, PistolStar and BinaryTree did not disappoint, though we still miss the Lawson Software babes. Many things to look at, many good shirts, many interesting products, not nearly enough time to look at it all.

Disney doesn't suck any worse than usual, though I really wish they'd remove the Islands of Adventure from the rotation of parks for the Wednesday night thing. It's too damn far away and even once you're there you walk for 15 minutes just to get to the gig. Cut it out.

JamFest was excellent, and it was nice having it inside. With a stage. And a real bar. And all that. I don't miss the Swan tent at all.

If you want to read me, of course, you can see my other blog. You know where to find it. Gonzo Lotusphere 2008 will get you there. Or just click up to the home page for the site here and go to the appropriate link.

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1. Ben Langhinrichs01/28/2008 03:55:49 PM

Well, at least we know where the party will be next year. After they sign these multi-year deals, they get Magic Kingdom as a reward.

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