PermaLink How to circulate the Lotusphere slides around?01/29/2008 03:41 PM
How badly do you think IBM would bruise my ass if I zipped up all 177 sets of slides from Lotusphere and put them out as a torrent?

I ended up having to use WGet on Windows in Parallels Desktop to get the slides. Sorry, Volker, your script just refused to run right for me using curl on Mac OSX, so I lit up XP and in about half an hour had all the PDFs in one nice, neat pile.

So now, what to do with them? Of course, share them around work, so that all of us who went to the Sphere don't chew up bandwidth re-downloading them, but how about other people? I am fairly sure IBM's lawyers would have a shitfit if I stuck them out in the digital breeze, but what about the practical side of things? Since they don't offer a zipped package of them all -- even track-by-track, as in some years -- would it be good and/or helpful for one of us to torrent these things so that more people can benefit from them? And so that IBM's servers don't get the hell beat out of them as people re-download that stuff? That would free up more bandwidth for people to download the 8.5 beta, right?

Comments are welcome. And IBM/Lotus, if you're reading, and you should be, why not do this FOR us? An IBM-sanctioned torrent so that those of us who need (or have) the slides can share the bandwidth with others?

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1. Joerg Michael01/30/2008 06:36:34 PM

While nobody's really sure if this was intentional, but they are available in ZIP files. Check out { Link }

2. Turtle01/29/2008 09:46:27 PM

But still, now they're aware of the issue. Since it's not really a development thing I'm not likely to put it up on IdeaJam, but I'd like to see IBM make the whole stack of PDFs available in some more convenient form. They've done this in the past, track-by-track, and that was cool. I just am puzzled why they haven't done it this year.


3. John Head01/29/2008 06:35:27 PM

Turtle .. they have stopped people in the past, and the fact you blogged it, and it is on Planet Lotus, means they are now watching. I do not think you really want to go there ...

4. Ian Randall01/29/2008 06:04:06 PM

Also, for those of us who have not been lucky enough to be at Lotusphere, we also would like to be able to see the full set of slides.

At the monent, the ability to download these slides is restricted to Lotusphere attendees. Why not share the love around guys?

Fortunately some of the Lotushere presenters have made their presentations available on their blogs, but a single site to source this information would be very helpfull.


5. Fedor Belov01/29/2008 05:57:09 PM

I'm thinking about other one
Why IBM don't take free access to PDF files? I dont have LS account so I can't download it but I'm very interested in it because i'm lotus developer... So if you will upload them to rapidshare or torrent PLEASE send me link by mail

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