PermaLink Chalk up another one for Domino...01/30/2008 12:00 PM
My team just showed off a couple of really cool new takes on features that have been in our system for some time.  The turnaround was spectacularly quick, and you already know why.

Honestly, why does anybody use anything but Domino for serious website development? When the day comes when I can't do something in Domino -- I mean, really, honestly, cannot write that thing in Domino noway, nohow -- I think I am gonna lay an egg.

Think about it: reusable code, monolithic design and data, comfortable and powerful integrated development environment, hooks into everything, support for practically every technology you can think or, and even after all these years, you can still safely say about Domino that "you can do more in one @command in Domino than you can do in two or three pages of anything else."

But I'm spoiled, since I have a good-running, long-established environment here, we didn't inherit from anything else, no legacy data back in 1995-96, and we write almost totally content-management stuff running for web browsers. I realize not everybody's environment is like that (in fact, most aren't), but when I look at how crappy the code is behind some even very large, important websites, or when I look at some smaller sites and know how much time the developer put into essentially developing his own DB structures, his own IDE, and a metric assload of tools-to-make-tools and back-end functions, let alone administrative tools... I think, "man, why didn't you do that in Domino?"

Hi, Gus, by the way.

And every time I see one of those damn cryptic error messages that every Microsoft-based site eventually spits out, I just feel ashamed for the sysadmin that has to deal with that junk. When you get an error out of a Domino server, you know what it's about and it's always pretty straightforward to fix.

Why bother with anything else?

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1. Sean Burgess02/28/2008 11:18:29 AM

Can I get an 'Amen', Brother?

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