PermaLink Why is this election so interesting?02/09/2008 10:08 PM
We've had some close elections in the United States in recent years, sorta like how we've also had some good Super Bowls.  But this one is interesting even though the candidates really... aren't.

I don't write that much about politics because I got tired of writing the phrase "that asshole." However, now that George Bush appears to be fading into insignificance, I have to start thinking about the next era in Murkin politics. So far, I'm not particularly excited about anyone on either side of the race.

Now that Romney is out of the race, I breathe slightly easier. I never trusted him... he looks and sounds like a used-car salesman, and he didn't exactly light Massachusetts on fire. His association with the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics made me suspicious, too. I respected his father, George Romney. "Mitt," I have no use for.

McCain is OK, I respect him, but if he won, when he took office, he'd be several years older than Reagan when he was elected, so you really have to look more at who he might choose for his VP candidate. That could well be...

Huckabee. Ummm... no. Just, no.

Obama is young, he hasn't done all that much in the Senate. I think people support him mostly out of charisma, the novelty of it all, and the fact that he's not...

Clinton. She's OK, but in a lot of ways she still represents old-skool Washington, and that's exactly what I am trying to avoid.

That's it. There's pretty much nobody left. Nobody I really am appalled by, as I was with Boosh. Nobody I really like, the way I did Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush before aliens abducted him and replaced him with an exact replica with completely opposite views in 1980. No real goofballs, like Perot.

Just nothing for me to get excited about. I am not sure how anyone, really, is getting much of a rise out of this collection of candidates.

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