PermaLink Does anybody out there deal with SnagIt much?02/11/2008 03:08 PM
We're having a strange problem with Camtasia's SnagIt when dealing with pages output from a Domino server, and as expected, their website is less than totally useful at explaining why.

In my day job, we have a large site hosted on twin Domino 8.00 servers. While most users just read the documents it serves up, there are a few who use SnagIt in connection with other duties they have. One of them has a task where he selects all the text on certain frequently-updated pages in Internet Explorer, then copies that stuff off and pastes it into some other places for use by gnomes or something.

Well, recently this guy had SnagIt installed on his workstation, including, I assume, the add-in for SnagIt to pervert the work of Internet Explorer. Now, when he does a ctrl-A (select all) in MSIE, and copies the visible text on the page, not only does it grab the text visible to human beings, it also picks up all the normally-hidden stuff at the bottom of the document that contains all the field values generated when you check the "generate Javascript for all fields" option in the Form Properties in Domino.

When this text is then pasted into, say, Word or email, the regular text is there, and the fieldname/value pairs are also pasted in, in a nice neat table at the bottom of the document. Needless to say, all these strange Notes field values sorta freaked him out, and I cannot figure out why SnagIt isn't ignoring them. Remember, these are in a <FORM> tag all their own, and all the <INPUT> tags are flagged as "hidden," so they're not visible on the rendered page itself. You can of course view them in the source code.

Anybody seen this before? Comments are welcome.

Oh, and by the way:
428%How Addicted to Internet Memes Are You?

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1. Amit Agarwal02/11/2008 11:25:53 PM

When pasting the web content in Word, choose the Paste Special Mode and paste only "unformatted text" - that may solve the program.

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