PermaLink And it's an ass-whooping for Brak Obama!02/12/2008 10:18 PM
There was snow on my way home last night... today, it was raining Obama.

Yup. Looks like Brak has won Virginia, Maryland and DC. So did John McCain. What surprises me is the margin of Brak's victory in this region. Sure, yes, there are lots of African-Americans in DC and Virginia, but I think everyone was surprised at how far behind Hillary Clinton is in these areas. I had thought Maryland would be more in Hillary's column, but the margin is enormous everywhere. CNN declared Brak the winner pretty early in all three jurisdictions, and has spent more of its evening election coverage talking about the moderately-close race between McCain and Huckabee in Virginia. Huckabee led early, when the returns were coming in from the lightly-populated areas of southwest Virginia, an area a friend of mine refers to as Redneckistan. McCain caught up and passed him as soon as serious returns came in from the more populated areas of the state along the I-95 corridor and in northern Virginia.

So, what happens next?

My guess is, Huckabee ends up on McCain's ticket as the vice-presidential candidate, and Obama and Clinton do some backroom wrangling after the Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries. Sure, she may win them, but at this point the bigger problem for both parties is that whichever party ends up more divided after the primaries will lose the White House and lose it big. I can't really see an Obama/Clinton ticket in November (their viewpoints and staff just aren't likely to mix) but on the Republican side I can definitely see Huckabee packing up the tent and joining McCain's ticket.

We'll see how it works out.

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