PermaLink I think I gave away too much02/14/2008 09:43 PM
Lately I've been handing off so many interesting tasks to my contractors at work that I don't have enough interesting stuff to keep myself amused.  Please don't let this be a sign I'm descending into management, particularly since I don't have the control (or the salary grade) that goes along with it

I shouldn't even be writing right now. I should be upstairs lying down. Nora and I went out for dinner tonight after I got home, and I have horrible cramps and can feel all sorts of obnoxious chemical reactions taking place within. The last time we were at that particular restaurant was the night Ben died, nearly two months ago.

I'm trying to think of what new and interesting things I can think up for me to do at work. For a long time, I've been promoting the idea of user-driven content tagging, and yet every time I sit down to work on the code for it, I realize that the real issue has nothing to do with Domino, and everything to do with small minds and narrow expectations.

"We can't let just anybody tag our holy content!"

"What if they add a wrong tag?" (which really means, "a tag that's different than what we'd have chosen.")

"Users will be confused!" (no, the users are fine, these are the same supposedly-stupid users who go home and upload their pictures to Flickr)

"We want the system to automatically generate its own taxonomy!" (Yeah, people in hell want icewater, too)

"All tags will have to be approved by management!"

And I give up. As I usually tell people around there, it'll take me a few weeks to write it, it'll take you guys six months to talk about it.

Still, this is something I'll probably write and stick on a shelf for when people eventually wake up and realize they want to do this. Since we're losing staff faster than ever, and the workload is going up, letting the users tell us what the content is about is the way we'll have to go. I know that. Might as well write the code now, so I can look like a genius in a year or two or five.

I'm quite looking forward to Domino 8.5, which supports tag clouds and stuff like that without having to write a lot of code for it. Supposedly there's a tag cloud function in BlogSphere v3, but I am still using 2.x and haven't gotten around to thinking about upgrading.

One of the contractors came over and told me he'd rewritten some code of mine to take advantage of the Split() function that didn't exist prior to 6.5. I had to explain to him that I'd written that code originally for Domino 4.61 on Windows. In 1999. 4.61d, specifically. No Split(). No nothin'. Had to do it all myself. I knew they'd added the function, but the code worked and I didn't wanna screw with it.

I'm like that.

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