PermaLink I guess other people thought so, too...02/24/2008 06:38 PM
Apparently a lot of other industry pundits large and small think Microsoft's new openness isn't real, it's either sandbagging or something being used to distract the industry while MS figures out what to do next.  I guess my instincts are fairly mainstream.  Heheh.

The voting on Volker Weber's blog is running pretty sternly toward "smoke and mirrors" as an explanation for Microsoft suddenly opening the tech books on their "high volume" products and letting others in to have a look at the documentation. However, most of the tech sites I read agree, and I even heard a piece about this on public radio's Marketplace program on Friday.

Basically, it seems that most people think that the only entity that will really benefit from this is... Microsoft. And maybe some freeware authors, most of whom figured out the protocols and file formats MS is "opening" some time back.

It's fun to be right.

Speaking of which, after a few more days with the new Blackberry, I continue to be pleased with it. There is, however, one remaining snag left over from my having plugged the 8800 into the BES at work: the firewall is enabled and locked. Fark. Apparently there are ways to undo this, by editing the policy.bin and then resending it to the Berry, but it can only be done from an actual Windows machine, since nothing on the Apples will install software or update security policies. RIM, you must fix this now. Fuck if I'm going to run to a Microsoft machine to update software on a non-Microsoft device! And your trick of only permitting software installs (of things like LiveMessenger or the like) from Microsoft Internet Explorer because you stupidly linked your installer to ActiveX, well, that has to go, too. Sure, I can download stuff OTA, but I cannot install security policies and install non-OTA software through an Apple. You need to support Apple like the real industry force it now is. Alan or Ed or somebody was talking the other day about how everybody they know has been buying Apples lately.

We are the people who buy Blackberries, not some dimwit in a trailer in Iowa who just wants a machine to send kid pictures to Grandma. Pay attention!

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