PermaLink Anybody out there manage a Blackberry Enterprise Server? UPDATED02/25/2008 02:48 PM
Update:  I got hold of a copy of itpolicy.exe and have built a new policy.bin that does just about what I need.  The apps I need to allow to do a split session across the firewall now can do it, though I still cannot disable the firewall completely, and I know that fresh out of the box it wasn't enabled.  Anyone know how to turn it off?  The setting is locked and I could not find a parameter in the policy.inf that would allow me to unlock it so that it can be turned off as needed...  does the BES itself control this, or is this a function of the Blackberry Internet Service?  What's this setting on YOUR Berry?

I might be able to undo this on my own using the BlackBerry Professional for Domino, if and only if it contains a copy of itpolicy.exe, which builds policy.bin files that control IT Policy on the Berry. Apparently this setting wasn't undone by a generic policy.bin I pushed to it locally, and if the BBPD doesn't have itpolicy.exe I'd like to find someone who runs a BES who can lend me access to their BES temporarily or someone who can get a copy of the utility to me... any assistance appreciated.

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1. chuck dean02/25/2008 05:24:34 PM

I've got the same model you do and my firewall is enabled. It is a BES configured model. I'll talk with the guy who works for me tomorrow who manages the BES and see if that was something he turned on when he configured it or just a default setting. I remoted in to the office and poked around in the BES management screen a bit but didn't see anyway to take off an IT Policy - send IT policy and resend IT policy are both there. I'm pretty sure we didn't create anything above the default IT policy when we rolled it out.

2. Vince Schuurman02/25/2008 03:58:02 PM

Just let me know what you need exactly.

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