PermaLink Ack! It's a mess!02/27/2008 01:56 PM
We're refinancing the house (mostly to end my abusive relationship with E-Trade), but for the appraisal, they're doing all the interior measurements and all that.  To say that the place is a mess doesn't begin to state it.

The last couple of times I've refinanced, they just did a drive-by, you know, take pictures, do a rough measure of the street frontage. Nope, this time they want to come in and measure and have a look at everything. Can we say, "instant panic?"

In the middle of winter around my house, the cat hair tends to pile up in small gray snowdrifts. The rabbit room is well-carpeted with shredded newspapers the rabbits like to play with. And there's the usual post-Lotusphere debris all over the place.

This is a horrible time to come to my house.

So, I guess Nora and I will be tear-assing around, cleaning. I have no idea what to do with the cats. Put them all in the old computer room or something and tell them to amuse themselves for an hour.

On the plus side, I've done a lot to the place since the last full appraisal. New furnace, floors redone, new furniture, rugs, paved the driveway, upgraded the electric, dug a new well and replaced the pumps and pressure tank. But there are other things that still should be done, like painting, repairing some cracked plaster, things like that. And as I said, winter is the worst time to look at the house just because I can't do that stuff easily.

The next three days should be an interesting blur of activity around our house.

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