PermaLink This is screwed: SearchDomino using PlanetLotus to drive traffic.02/28/2008 12:11 PM
Pardon me, but I thought this site was to aggregate personal, PUBLIC blogs.  If you haven't noticed, SearchDomino is using it to drive traffic to their site, where in order to read their posts (the latest is an earth-shattering, ground-breaking, never-before-seen-on-Earth "tip" about how to do a simple frickin' cross-cert) you have to register and then log in.  Yancy, between this and their spams telling people how they can migrate AWAY from Domino, I'd like to nominate them to be voted off the island.
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1. Turtle02/28/2008 05:54:14 PM

@Volker: only made the mistake once, but again, it looks like their real purpose is to generate email lists. It'd be one thing if they were blogging useful information, but *cross-certification*??? Blogging is about free, preferably rapid and anonymous access to commentary and information, and while sure, there are blogs that exist primarily as marketing tools, having one here smells like a fart in an Intel clean room.

2. Yancy Lent02/28/2008 05:16:12 PM

Blog types... { Link }

Wouldn't you want thousands of eyes on their every move?

3. Volker Weber02/28/2008 04:01:47 PM

Don't click their links if you don't like them. Simple as that.

4. Justin02/28/2008 02:40:50 PM

Maybe they are trying to get back in the good graces of everyone that unsubscribed? Getting their name up on planetlotus (other then in articles involving pitchforks and torches.) would be one of the only ways to contact the "lotus masses" that are ignoring them.

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