PermaLink I guess it's time to retire Domino 8b303/01/2008 02:12 AM
The thing I like about Lotus is that going back to 4.5x, even the beta software is solid.  But there are limits.

I admit: on my server right now -- the server through which you are reading this post -- I am running 8.00b3.

I updated to production 8.00 until... well, until the 'trial' period ran out, and unlike every other Domino trial in history, the sumbitch expired and died. Refused to run again.

So I copied my Beta 3 code over it, and it's been running fine ever since.

I do have the full licensed 8.01 code available to me, but because the beta is running fine (and because my main client at home is the Mac client) there's no big incentive for me to rip everything out and update it. At my day job, one of my contractors has already identified some stuff on my test/development server (same Beta 3 Windows code) that doesn't behave the way my Solaris 8.00 production servers behave, so next week, we'll probably put the 8.01 code on it. But I had such a hassle about getting 8.01 downloaded through Pissport Advantage that I just didn't care anymore. Those of you on my Twitter feed probably got some sense of my annoyance with this the other night.

If the beta code works, leave it alone.

If the production code is so much better, then farkit, I'm a longtime CLP, let me at it without tying me to my day job. Let me download it and test it out on what I consider my toughest environment: my nasty old server in my living room. The one the cats whiz on, clog up with cat-hair, and occasionally take down by walking on the power strip and turning it off.

By comparison, my day job is a piece of cake. And not very good cake.

By the way, if you're a TeamStudio customer, pick up the new release of CIAO. And be aware they have some cool (free) utilities to make your life easier. Just tell Nigel to show up at Lotusphere more often.

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