PermaLink It's not over yet, Obama still has work to do.03/05/2008 01:23 PM
I was actually rather surprised at last night's election results.  Yes, McCain finally won his nomination (eight years and a couple trillion dollars and 4000 lives too late) but now he (and we) get to wait around to see what comes of the Democratic side of things.

The combination of results was rather interesting. Obama won big in Vermont, but Clinton won solidly in Rhode Island. Clinton had a big victory in Ohio, but only a narrow one in Texas.

What to make of all this?

Well, for one thing, McCain's campaign now has to rethink who to focus on. For the last several weeks, when it looked like Hillary's campaign was in trouble, McCain seemed to be centering his talk on the presumption that Obama might be the nominee by this morning. That... didn't happen. Now they have to figure out whether to sit back and not talk about the Democrats at all, divide their attention, or pick a horse and ride it and hope that their target ends up as the eventual Democratic nominee.

I found it interesting also that Hillary was the first to voice what has for me seemed to be the logical solution: why not just put both of you on the ticket and make everybody happy? For those of you who ever watched The Brady Bunch, this is what I'd call the "co-hostesses solution." I still don't think it's out of the question for the Republicans to come to this conclusion, either... put Huckabee on as McCain's vice-presidential candidate and go on from there.

But of course, then Hillary followed up with the next-most-obvious question, which is, "which of them will be on the top of the ticket?" Realistically, if the Democrats want to make a real shift, here's what you do: put her on the top of the ticket, put Obama on as VP, win the White House, do good things for four or eight years, then Obama can run as the seasoned, experienced leader that he really isn't right now. As someone on public radio pointed out, the guy is only three years out of the Illinois State Senate. One doesn't go from your local kart track straight to the Indianapolis 500, after all.

If they descend into negative, divisive politics, the Democrats could well lose this. I was thinking that could happen on the Republican side, but I expected it to be Romney and Giuliani, not McCain standing alone in early March.

By the way, if Giuliani had never spoken at Lotusphere back in 2003, I would never have known what an inane public speaker he is.

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