PermaLink A faceful of chlorine03/07/2008 01:47 PM
I've been doing a bunch of stuff lately, among them trying to get on without success, though I do now have the trial copy of Sametime Connect for Mac OS X.  I have some more observations about the new Blackberry, and in other news, you cannot breathe chlorine.  Don't try it.

When cleaning the house, particularly a houseful of cats and wabbits, you tend to use a lot of bleach. The problem is, when you hit a patch of cat whiz or wabbit whiz, the bleach and hot water react like crazy which the acids in the whiz, and it releases a lot of free molecular chlorine. This is all made worse by my Hoover SteamVac, which then causes it to foam and then blows the vapors out the side of the machine at high speed. The other night I took a really strong dose of chlorine and I've been hacking my guts out ever since.

But the house is clean. Nothing like bleach, I tell you.

While trying to sleep last night, in between fits of coughing that nearly caused me to pass out or rupture a vein in my eyeballs, I downloaded and installed Sametime Connect for Mac OS X. It's a rather large package, but the code starts up clean and fast and doesn't seem to have any evil habits. My problem was in trying to connect to and get into the community of yellowbleeders chatting therein. I don't have a "home" Sametime server, and as a result would be my only ST connection.

Problem is, either I or someone else already signed up as "The Turtle" (probably me, but if it's somebody else out there, know that I'm onto you and you could be hamstered at any moment for your impunity), and the password I always use... doesn't work. And worse, BleedYellow's feedback form is screwed, it results in a "cannot find design note" error, and all of Lotus911's "contact us" information points to brick-and-mortar buildings and telephones.

Anyone from reading this? Would you mind resetting my password or pummelling whoever stole my name? And could you fix your Feedback form, so I can tell you cool stuff like that?

And no, using some other login (like the name that happens to be on my driver's license) isn't an option. Nobody'd know who the hell it was. I am The Turtle, dammit!

In other news, our Domino 8.01 installations at my day job are going well. I think this weekend it's time to upgrade the Weightless Dog server.

I've now had the Blackberry 8800 for a few weeks. Here's some more stuff I noticed, almost all good:

  • Battery life is terrific. My old 8700c commonly couldn't make it through a weekend without a charge, but it's been several days since I had the 8800 plugged into a USB port and I've been surfing, Twittering and making calls, and it's been just fine. It also charges up rapidly and even in areas of low signal it doesn't seem to eat the battery.
  • I'm now totally used to the pearl for control instead of the thumbwheel. Just for the sake of lateral scrolling, it's a tremendous improvement.
  • I was a dumbass and set a new password on the thing and then found the thing wouldn't recognize it. Wiped the unit, but after doing a restore (alas, at my Windows machine at work, since there's no way to do a backup/restore or app installs on a Mac, yet) everything was back exactly where it was supposed to be, even themes, fonts and preferences in the browser.
  • The holster is much better than the holster for the earlier Berries. Those old plastic pieces of crap were forever popping off my hip and putting my 8700c in danger of ending up in the toilet or on the ground next to the car.
  • I like the "gong" chime a lot. Even at full volume, it sounds like some sort of pleasant Japanese temple bell. It's now what I use for my wakeup alarm.
  • The piano-black finish doesn't seem to get particularly dirty through handling. I was worried it'd attract fingerprints and crud, but it doesn't. I hesitate to think what the fabric on the inside of the holster will look like in a few months, though.
  • T-Mobile's Blackberry support is a buttload better than their support for Windows Mobile. I always seem to get someone knowledgeable on the line rapidly, and they never ask dumb questions. I was always having problems finding anyone who knew how to support the HTC Wizard (T-Mobile-MDA) I used to use.

I suppose I should post this, but as soon as I do so, I'll think of something else to write.

Ever notice that on radio call-in shows, the first word out of callers' mouths isn't usually "hello," it's "yes?"
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1. Turtle03/10/2008 11:30:57 AM

Up and running. Trying not to harrass too many people in the middle of the night over BY, though.

2. Nathan T. Freeman03/07/2008 05:01:01 PM

Reset. Check your email.

And welcome aboard.

3. Nathan T. Freeman03/07/2008 04:56:14 PM

@3 - But "the tortoise" would be all wrong, wouldn't it?

Turtle, I emailed you at 2:24 ET. But now that I know what's wrong, I'll have a look.

Sorry about the feedback form. There's still a few broken bits here and there. That's one of the reasons we need people like you!

4. Mary Beth Raven03/07/2008 04:38:43 PM

Hey Turtle, well, if you registered as "the terrapin" I'd still know who you are :)

5. Turtle03/07/2008 04:36:21 PM

Possibly, but I actually haven't used the RIM-supplied charger once. Sometimes I use the hefty charger that came with my old HTC Wizard (1000mAh), but mostly I just find a convenient USB port and plug it in, plug it in.

6. chuck dean03/07/2008 04:00:50 PM

I've got the same model BB you do and I'd say I've had similar experience except for the week I was at Lotusphere when either the charger I had with me had a short in it and didn't always charger correctly or either the poor signal and my use of my bluetooth earpiece drained it in about an hour.

I've tossed that charger aside and haven't had any other issues so hopefully that was it.

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