PermaLink Gigantism is on the way03/09/2008 11:09 PM
Well, in keeping with my policy of rarely having the absolutely newest stuff, but maybe second-newest, I ordered a new drive for the venerable first-series MacBook Pro so as to extend its useful life way past the Boosh Administration.  I remember when a one-hundred-megabyte drive was enormous, but now, I've finally outgrown one hundred gigs.  We're fixing that now.

After reading a bunch of stuff, including a review by a guy who'd put one in his MacBook Pro, I picked out the Western Digital 320Gb 2.5" SATA notebook drive. Sure, it's just 5400RPM, but the 7200RPM drives were far more expensive and none as big as I wanted. Hitachi recently introduced a half-terabyte drive, but unfortunately it (and a competitor just introduced by either Samsung or Toshiba) are 12.5mm tall, where almost all laptops are sized to accept nothing taller than 9.5mm. The extra 180 gig wasn't worth it even if I had the space. So, 320Gb it is.

Now, you're thinking, who the hell actually needs a third of a terabyte of storage?

I do.

I have somewhere around 40 gigabytes' worth of music. Over 36,000 digital images occupying nearly 40 gig as well. Nine gig of this drive is devoted to my BootCamp drive partitioning running (barf) XP.

That would leave approximately 10 gig for everything else, including the operating system and all applications. Email. Code. Backups of all my Domino NSFs for this site and others.

And yeah, that adds up to way more than 100 gig. As a result, right now, all my music is on an external drive. My video is on a different drive. Backups of things are on various other external drives. When I travel, like to Lotusphere, I have to decide what to take on the MacBook Pro, and then have to shovel everything else onto yet another external drive. I'm sick of it. I want everything in one place.

So, whenever delivers it, a little quick surgery will have the drive out of this machine and getting cloned. Then the new drive goes in, and the original 100Gb goes into a bus-powered external case, assuming the FireWire in this MBP isn't fried (I have a suspicion that it is).

A hundred gig. I remember when that used to be a lot. When I started in this business, there wasn't a hundred gig in the entire world combined.

And now to buy triple that in a form factor smaller than a pack of cards.


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