PermaLink Annoying, or the next great stage?03/12/2008 01:27 AM
I've learned more about the mysterious Osen Komura.  Apparently yes, this whole "let's twit everyone" thing is an "experiment" he or she is doing with Twitter.  Mostly what I notice is that most of the twits he or she connects to are guys, but some aren't.

What, exactly, IS Twitter for? Is it chat? Is it selective broadcast of pedantic events? Is it narcissism in 140-byte chunks? Or is it the next YouTube?

The thing with Osen Komura last week has made me think a bit about it. If you didn't read the post about him/her/it, this is some entity (apparently an actual human) who is amassing a truly staggering number of "follows" and in return collecting up a lot of followERS in return. As of tonight, he or she has more than 21,000 follows and over 3,000 followers. If you read their home page on Twitter, you see a couple of comments that tip what the game is... "my little experiment with Twitter."

I am still puzzled what the goal is. Is it like that kid who supposedly wanted more postcards than anybody else? Is it some silly performance-art piece? Is the guy Rain Man or something?

Who the hell knows, who the hell cares?

What I am fairly sure it IS about is misusing a Web 2.0 resource for one's ego.

That is not necessarily a bad thing.

I mean, many of us do it every day. What's writing a blog, after all? What George Carlin used to call "ATTRACTING ATTENTION TO YOURSELF!"

"Hey, dig ME!"

Of course, he said it in 1973 on a record called Class Clown, where he's talking about being the class clown in Morningside Heights in New York, circa 1952. He said it was one way to avoid getting your ass kicked by class bullies. Being funny could help you avoid an ass-whooping. Either be tough or be funny, right?

But what does being... omnipresent get you?

I have no idea.

On the way home tonight, I thought of the ways in which Twitter could be seriously misused.

Spam. 140 bytes at a time.

Proselytizing. 140 bytes at a time.

Boredom, when you get sick of reading about literally every damn thing someone does. 140 bytes at a time.

Or... "instant audience."

I wonder what would happen if Osen Komura waited another three weeks, then started using his or her monumental number of followers as a convenient audience for infantile comedy monologues, 140 bytes at a time?

Then I started wondering what would happen if I started doing it.

What if everyone did it?

I had to have cigarette before I could think about it more.

And of course I realized that if I did it, I'd get my ass kicked at Lotusphere 2009. And I am not funny enough to avoid it.

But none of us actually knows Osen Komura.

At least, I don't think any of us does.

On a completely different note, why the fuck does Eliot Spitzer need $4000-a-session hookers? His wife is hot!

I just don't understand. Fred, can you give me some guidance on this one?

Thanks, Fred!

I'd definitely hit it.

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1. southAustin(fernando);03/18/2008 11:54:13 AM

interesting read.
thanks for the thoughts.
i just got followed by osen today.
noticed the ip he set as home, when he joined, and that he/she is def not a bot.
just really interesting that someone would follow so many.
i'm intrigued and of course following it, now.


2. Andre Guirard03/12/2008 10:31:26 PM

I wondered about Mr. Spitzer too, but more along the lines of (a) Doh! and (b) is a $1,000/hr sex industry worker really 4 times better than one who charges $250/hr? Not that I'm familiar with either, but it seems implausible. It strikes me as a little wasteful.

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