PermaLink It's official, the US version of "Top Gear" is gonna suck03/15/2008 09:17 PM
Yes, there's a US version in the works of the fun British car program, Top Gear.  Unfortunately, it looks like it'll be hosted by Adam Carolla...

I am kinda annoyed that none of the cable systems I can get actually carry Top Gear any more.  It used to be interesting to watch them go flog all those hyperexpensive paddle-shift cars that will never get sold in the United States.  What's Adam "The Man Show" Carolla gonna cover for NBC, minivans?

I am not even usually a fan of British television.  If the DC public stations rerun Are You Being Served? one more time I am gonna call up during pledge week and puke in some volunteer's ear.
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1. Gregg Eldred03/17/2008 09:25:42 AM

So, between sublime and ridiculous, where does my favorite British television show fall?

{ Link }

2. Chris Linfoot03/17/2008 05:28:50 AM

Selwyn Froggitt - also ITV. I move to strike that and all other ITV programming from the permanent record.

3. Turtle03/16/2008 09:59:33 PM

Careful, Chris, we didn't even mention Selwyn Froggitt...

4. Chris Linfoot03/16/2008 12:33:48 PM

You only name two British TV shows and still manage to cover the entire spectrum from sublime to ridiculous (hint: Top Gear == sublime; Are You Being Served == ridiculous).

There's actually at least as much sublime content on British telly as there is ridiculous, so long as you stay away from ITV, home of the two most annoying people in telly here, Ant and Dec.

5. Steve McDonagh03/16/2008 12:06:55 PM

Oh my ... Mrs Solcum's Pussy is still being available for public consumption?
That is terrible!
Aye the redneck rally was a good-one, but what about the Ariel Atom road test -a classic IMHO - saw it - and barely missed divorce cos I went and bought one without wifely approval.

6. Tim Leach03/16/2008 06:51:54 AM

"Are you being served?"....ahh, pure television gold!

If you're missing Top Gear, you can normally find a torrent to download the day after it airs. It's not on at the moment, but I believe it starts again in the summer.

The Redneck Rally was definitely a classic. Another one of my favourites was when they turned a Robin Reliant into a space shuttle.

7. Wild Bill03/16/2008 01:43:45 AM

Yeah. You need someoe abraisive, abusive and willing to say that car manuafacturers are crap. Of course, the US Car manufacturers have been the most crap for the last 20 years, so really you need someone who's just totally abusive, and wont listen to the network's howling complaints (via the car manufactorers/sponsors).. Yeah. This is NOT going to happen on US tv.. Sigh.

'Are you being served' ? Christ. It was terrible when I was seven years old. Surely they're not still forcing you to watch reruns of that ?

YouTube seem to have most of the recent TopGear adventures on there. My fave was the RedNeck Rally from Florida to New Orleans.. Locals started throwing stones at their cars...

--* Bill

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