PermaLink Still liking NoteMan after all these years03/24/2008 02:47 PM
Jamie Magee slipped me a copy of NoteMan 1.0 years ago at Lotusphere, and all these years later the tool is still pretty much indispensable.

Martin Scott Consulting is now up to 2.03-something for NoteMan, and I decided to check it out against the 8.01 Windows client. Yes, it still works amazingly well (though on my own workstation the icons are a little hard to read; some sort of scaling issue).

If you don't know what this is, picture a hyperactive NotesPeek combined with a chainsaw. NoteMan Editor (one of the five components) allows you to go into the guts of any Domino document and edit pretty much anything about it without having to design a special form to get at field values that aren't necessarily shown on the form and hidden or internal field values that you can't put on a form anyway. Among other things, you can change field types on the fly, edit field values, copy the entire document to another DB, view the DXL for the document and a bunch of other stuff.

If you need to do this stuff to multiple documents at once but don't feel like writing a throwaway agent, you can do that with NoteMan Multi-Edit.

NoteMan Delta lets you compare two documents side-by-side, NoteMan Design lets you have a look at the design elements, and if you wanna play with ACLs, NoteMan ACL can extract, merge or duplicate ACLs without farting around with the Admin client.

If I sound like a commercial, it's because I've used this thing since (actually) just before it was commercially available, and the fact that I still own an ass is pretty much a tribute to NoteMan saving it repeatedly. Since old NotesPeek is pretty well obsolete now, we went out and bought copies of NoteMan Editor for all the developers here (and some other people who just need to edit stuff in a hurry) and it's been great. Aside of the strange icon renderings in the 8.01 client, I've had no problems with setting it up or using it. They've updated the interface rather drastically since it first came out, and while I was rather used to the "old" layout, I've adapted to the newer outline-style interface pretty readily.

The whole package of toys is less than four hundred bucks, probably less if you buy Jamie a beer the next time you see him at a conference. If you don't already have it, it's worth checking out; they offer a free 30-day unlimited trial so you can play around with it and cause havoc in your NSFs.

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2. Rob McDonagh03/24/2008 04:38:29 PM

Couldn't agree more. When I saw Jamie at Lotusphere this year, he told me I was their first real sale of the tool, and I've been upgrading ever since. It's saved my butt on multiple occasions. Worth every penny.

3. KArl-Henry Martinsson03/24/2008 04:20:49 PM

I been using NoteMan for several years (4?), and it is a great tool. I can not recommend it enough.

4. Chris Mobley03/24/2008 03:20:33 PM

Agreed. I've been using the free version for about a year now, and I just upgraded to the full version. It is now a vital tool in my toolbox.

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