PermaLink XM/Sirius merger OK'd by Department of Justice03/24/2008 03:31 PM
It's about damn time.  Still, until I can buy one radio and get everything on it, I'm sitting on the sidelines.

It only took somewhere around a year of bumbling, but the Department of Justice has finally signed off on the XM Radio/Sirius Satellite Radio merger that was first proposed over a year ago. The National ASSociation of Broadcasters opposed it, of course, but it's finally been OKed, assuming the deal itself is still on.

Thing is, I can't see anyone rushing out there to sign up until they resolve the one thing that has been my absolute mental block about satellite: incompatible transmission and reception equipment. Damn if I'm gonna buy one radio for XM and another one for Sirius simply because some of the stuff I want is on one system and some on the other. You didn't need separate televisions to watch DuMont and NBC back in 1948, so it's sorta asinine that nearly sixty years later you have to buy two completely different receivers to listen to XM and Sirius.

I imagine they've spent the last year designing a single unified receiver, so I'll sit and wait until I can actually go down and buy it for the Alpine head unit in the Volkswagen. Then I'll expect to subscribe to ONE service and get everything in one place. Maybe in another year.

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