PermaLink Is it possible for Passport Advantage to suck any worse than it already does?04/01/2008 12:47 AM
Some of you might remember my column in ePro Magazine back in the days, and one column in particular where I tore IBM a new orifice for customer support about the whole topic of "Passport Advantage."  I am delighted to report that seven YEARS later, things are no better.

I am a simple man.

I have simple wants.

I want the fucking 8.01 update for the Designer/Admin client for Windows.

I log in to the Passport Advantage site, after scouring my email archives for my long-disused login information.

I sort through all the asinine choices and eventually get to the page where I can download the 8.01 "fixpack" for the Notes Designer/Admin clients. A popup appears. I agree to all the inane IBM legalese saying I won't resell the software to terrorists, aliens, extraterrestrials, or Democrats.

Then I get the message saying "your credentials cannot be authenticated at this time. Please try your request again later."

Later? When? When I'm 65? After you've released Notes 11.01c? After I admit I stole the bubblegum from that dime store when I was seven? After worlds collide?


I come home. I fire up my Apple. I click "Software Update" in the upper-left corner of my screen. It sweetly reports that there are updates to ITunes and a few other things, downloads them, and life goes on.

Note to IBM people: you know I love most of you, but if you have ever had anything to do with the festering anus that is Passport Advantage, I'm sorry, but you suck. SUUUUUUUUCK!

Sorry for being so subtle about this.

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1. Wild Bill04/01/2008 08:23:52 AM

Hey. Look on the bright side. You dont have to beat your head against the Business Partner download site..

And pay for it.

If its up.

--* Bill

2. Ulrich Krause04/01/2008 01:51:31 AM

Ah, I thought there was already a CF1 or something to fix all the anoying errors in the "old" 8.0.1 release.

3. Turtle04/01/2008 01:46:10 AM

This thing here is what I was after:

{ Link }

(Warning! may require login, urine sample, and all of the buds off every fruit tree in your yard)

4. Ulrich Krause04/01/2008 01:38:38 AM

Which 8.01 "fixpack" you are talking about?
I tried to find the fixpack by selecting "Within past 1 month" but failed.

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