PermaLink Nope, no lovin' for the Sun Gods on Quickr 8.1...04/01/2008 01:13 AM
After I emailed a couple of Powers That Be after hours at IBM, they nicely updated the following page...

(notice the date of last update on this document... March 31, 2008, right after I emailed them and asked them what was up!)

This blows serious ass. See the comments in my previous "festuche" post, as well as a post on Vowe's site earlier tonight...

At my day job, we, too, just spent about $150,000 on new Suns partly to continue with the environment to support our seventy thousand user licenses for Quickr.

And watch how fast I surrender to the Sharepoint Nazis. Yeah, dorks. You think you can handle 70,000 users on two gentle giant servers for four years with no major outages?


I am gonna retire and make beef jerky for the rest of my life. This blows.

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