PermaLink Severe sleep problems again04/04/2008 04:30 PM
Those of you who've known me for a while know I tend to be up late and do interesting things then.  It's gotten far out of hand, so time to go talk to doctors and find out why.

While sleeping all day and working all night is just fine for me, it has created massive problems with work and pretty much everything else lately, so I guess it's time to go and have the doctors scratch their heads and try something else.

For the last five years or so, I've had some minor problems sleeping. Originally, it was while I adjusted to my antidepressants back in 2002, but I pretty much got over that. I used to sleep pretty well when I was at someone else's house.

I am fairly sure this latest blast of strange sleep is an aftershock from my father's death, the stress of getting married again, and the stresses from dealing with sick cats and losing Ben last December. It manifests itself in strange ways, and this is one of them. But it's not as simple as just jacking up my dose of antidepressants... and it absolutely can't involve prescription sleep aids. I had a very, very bad experience with Ambien a couple of years ago and there's no way I'm touching any more hypnotics.

At this point, I'll do almost anything else. My blood pressure is back up, I am completely out of leave at work, and taking unpaid leave is killing me. I don't dare just force myself to get up at "normal" times and then drive an hour to work, because I am very paranoid about falling asleep and killing somebody on the road.

Maybe I should just take a leave of absence and sleep for about a month.

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