PermaLink Make your bedroom look like a Lotusphere room!04/04/2008 05:37 PM
Saw a link to an eBay auction for some truly awful banana-leaf wallpaper originally produced for the Disney Polynesian Resort.  For those people who can't get enough Disney, or Lotusphere, this is sort of a strange perversion of the concept of Lotusphere Comes To You.

Update:  the auction ended early... some buyer with 0 feedback named "missportiapoo" went for the Buy It Now.  I bet she lives in a double-wide with paintings of either Elvis or wolves on black velvet hanging on the walls.  In case you were wondering how horrible this stuff was, hit the "read me" link.

See, I TOLD YOU IT WAS HORRIBLE. They can't even spell "Polynesian" on the damn print screen?

When are you people going to believe me???

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