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I've been mostly using the MacBook Pro lately, mostly because it's bigger and faster than the iBook.  But sometimes it's nice to work with the iBook again.  I'm on it now.

When i got this iBook - a G4/1.42Gz with a 60Gb drive -- it was to replace a dead iBook G4/933 whose motherboard had died suddenly just after Lotusphere 2006. It used to feel fast and 60Gb used to be a decent amount of space. Now that the MacBook Pro has a 320-gig drive in it, I tend to use it a lot more than the iBook for just about everything.

Tonight I pulled out the iBook and realized I hadn't fired it up in a very long time, probably two months. The battery had died and the system clock was helpfully reset to 1969. I got it online and ran System Update, which then happily downloaded 150 meg or so of updates, reset its clock off the reliable server, and settled down to be used.

I just installed the Notes 7.03 client, realizing that at Lotusphere I had stupidly installed the 8.5 beta, which won't work on a PowerPC-based Apple. Everything is back to normal.

Using the iBook can be very pleasasnt. It's slow, a little small (though I finally put the SIMM from the dead iBook 933 in it, so it's up to a gig of RAM), but friendly. Sort of like going out walking with an old dog. Still has some life left in it, and you know all its habits and it seems to know yours. For some stupid reason, this machine has my copy of Photoshop on it rather than the much faster, bigger MacBook Pro. I suppose I should move it over, since the MBP is the primary machine for my strange Photoshops (see my posts for examples, or look at my Flickr crap). The keyboard has a different, bouncier feel, and the screen is smaller but a little brighter. The battery lasts practically forever, which is probably why I keep it around for travel.

Yet in a year I know this thing will probably be too slow and small to do anything with. Based on what a pain in the ass it was to upgrade the drive in my old 933, I likely won't upgrade the drive in this, preferring to use little external drives with it instead. One gig of RAM used to be insanely large, but it's less than optimal now. Eventually, Apple will release OSX 10.6 and it'll probably be for Intel machines only, and this thing will slowly settle into the back of the closet and end up being another relic around the house, like my ancient Zenith 486-33 laptop with a staggering 8 meg of RAM and a 30 meg hard drive. Bought that in 1994, and I'm not even certain where it is now.

Apples just seem to live longer. Three or four years will have been a good life for this beast. By then I'll be able to get one with over triple every performance and capacity spec for less money than I paid for this. Moore can be a good guy sometimes.

What's your favorite older piece of gear you still use even though you might have something "better?"

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1. anonymous coward04/07/2008 09:45:09 PM

My Lotus Notes chicklets on my workspace of course!

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