PermaLink More about Quickr 8.1 on Solaris04/09/2008 04:21 PM
I've obtained more information about what's going on with Quickr and the Solaris operating system.  I'm still not all that happy, but not completely annoyed any more.

Through various means, I've learned what the deal with Solaris support for Quickr 8.1 is. The short answer is, "it's coming," and the longer answer is, "the lag for Solaris builds isn't necessarily going to get any better."

Apparently IBM is in negotiations with Sun to have Sun fund some of the costs of porting stuff to Solaris. The costs aren't horrendous, and obviously it's in Sun's interest to get new updates to IBM core products so that they can keep selling those big boxes, but this pending deal, which may be finalized in the next month or so, will probably mean that the lag between when Windows and Linux get new releases of IBM/Lotus products and when they appear for Solaris probably will not shorten. We've gotten rather used to getting things later and (arguably) buggier, but at least we'll continue to get them.

The universe of customers running Quickr on Solaris is not large (you could count that high while waiting at the drive-thru for a Wendy's Baconator) but obviously, these same shops are likely also to have substantial installations of Domino and other IBM products, so we tend to be vocal. Because the Quickr/Solaris sites are a subset of the Domino/Solaris sites, it's likely that Domino's life on Solaris isn't much in doubt (though I'd expect that Sun would eventually be asked to chip in for the porting costs of Domino, too).

IBM/Lotus would continue to provide support for Quickr, so it's not like you'd be calling Sun for support when a Place blows its lunch. I was very happy that that was not going to be the case. As far as support, I could not find out one way or another whether IBM would beef up its support for Solaris or not... a problem we've had for years is calling support and trying to get someone who actually is familiar with Solaris. My guess is, no change there, either.

I was also largely right in my guess that the 8.1 code stream was probably well underway when the decision was made that it was not going to launch on March 28 with the bigger-name builds. So, Solaris shops, you'll get your 8.1 Quickr, but nobody's saying for sure when. I'd rather get it later if it means it won't have the usual array of Solaris-related quirks.

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