PermaLink If you haven't seen this, switch to National Geographic Channel04/13/2008 09:49 PM
Nora and I watched (again) a program on the National Geographic Channel called Aftermath:  Population Zero.  Basically, what happens if all the humans vanish tomorrow?

I have for a long time gotten a real pain in the ass about people who concern themselves too much both with what other people think and also about "man's place in the world." I have absolutely no tolerance for the people who have the idea (either through media, "religion" or plain unawareness) that the Earth exists for us.

Those people should be forced, a la A Clockwork Orange, to watch this program. More than anything else, it hammers home the idea that the Earth didn't give a shit about us before we were here, and will rapidly forget us after we're gone, so the best we can do while we're here is to not fuck things up too badly whie we're (temporarily) here. Earth isn't "ours" any more than anything else in the universe is "ours," and so we have absolutely no right to trash it. And the single biggest thing that trashes the planet is making too many humans.

So, please stop making more humans, we have plenty already. Thanks.

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1. Turtle04/14/2008 11:31:05 AM

I don't even necessarily want to push everybody "back to nature." That whole back-to-the-land thing from the 1960s absolutely wouldn't work if everyone did it... the agrarian economy can't work any more. But a good start would be for most humans to get over the idea that they're special. Yeah, yeah, human media, human politicians and human religions tell them they are, over and over, but really, humans are just another animal and keeping that in perspective would help a lot.

2. Jason04/14/2008 04:15:37 AM

I have children so in one sense I'm part of the problem. I have, however, stopped making children. You have though hit the nail on the head. We have as a race been too successful at replication (). My father is one of thirteen siblings and whilst that kind of large family may have been sustainable or necessary once it certainly isn't now.

In keeping with what you are saying more generally I have a feeling that the earth will survive us. And I don't mean we can do what ever we like and the Earth will absorb it. No, I mean that our survival is optional. We may not survive relatively short changes to the environment but the Earth can take as long as it needs (subject to the longevity of the Sun or the Universe whichever is the shorter) to recover from us.

We need, in my view, to disconnect from our very intellectual, selfish, unbalanced way of life and reconnect with Mother Nature before it is too late (for us).

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