PermaLink How much more stupid shit can happen?04/19/2008 11:20 PM
We've had a good weekend, full of chaos and stupid occurrences.  As long as my deep-fryer still works, I'm fine.

This week included lots of stupid and negative events, but for some reason, we're feeling just fine.

Where to start? Let's see, thanks to my sleep weirdness, and having to take time off from work without having leave to cover it, my check Friday was comically small. We shuffled some money around, and the world continued to rotate. But it wasn't over there.

Friday afternoon, Nora called me at work and said that while she was out at the store for half an hour, our neighbor reported that someone official-looking stopped by the house and nosed around, but left shortly thereafter and didn't leave anything explaining who they were or what they wanted. Because the neighbor thought they might be cops, Nora called me at work about it.

I called around and the best I could figure out, it was somebody from the county trying to serve papers or something. I left a voicemail for the person responsible for that function, and didn't hear back from them, so we figured through logic that it wasn't anything she or I had done, and was therefore probably somewhat benign. We're curious what it could be.

After work, Nora was supposed to meet me for dinner, but on her way got into a minor traffic accident that disabled her car. I went and rescued her, and we went to dinner someplace else anyway, since Nora had gotten all dolled up and I am not one to squander such an event. Allstate will send someone out to the shop we towed the car to, and tell us how little they think the thing is worth. Nora was fine... the airbags didn't even blow. She rear-ended some Pennsylvanians, who, knowing how Stoopylvanians tend to drive, had probably changed lanes without enough clearance and then nailed their brakes. Nora clipped them on the left-rear, so she had obviously already been in the lane when they tried to get into it, since the damage to her car was on the right-front.

Today was at least productive. We went up and met with flower people... remind me in my next life to be the guy who supplies flowers to weddings. Six hundred dollars for about six pounds of stuff that will turn brown in three days... plus, they had wanted four hundred dollars to deliver the flowers. To the church. Two blocks away.

We told them we'd be picking them up.

We came home. I fixed a problematic downspout, Nora planted marigolds, we grilled bratwurst and watched Terminator 2: Judgment Day on AMC. Cats lounged around, and Nora went to bed. All in all, a good day. Tomorrow we meet with the organist who'll be doing the wedding, which will mean one less thing to address. Let's see... church, clothes, food, music, flowers, rings, cake. Everything in order, and over four weeks to spare.

I suppose I could stay up late setting up playlists for the reception, but I can do that all week.

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