PermaLink Life can be pretty good even if it isn't spectacular05/11/2008 12:20 AM
It took me many years to learn to enjoy cutting grass.

This is not a skill I learned while I was growing up, mostly because I was compelled to cut my father's grass, and we tended to have crappy discount-department-store mowers that disassembled themselves at will once the first year had passed. Much of my present debugging skill was acquired reviving old Briggs & Stratton flathead motors lest my father yell at me for not having done the grass on Saturdays.

But I was out there today, and it was good. Grass seed flying around, ducking under the branches of the fruit trees, avoiding hitting the golf balls my neighbor drives into my yard (you wouldn't believe what fun those are to hit with a lawn mower blade), and watching the spiders climb around on the clippings.

Then I started refinishing a round maple table I've had for about twenty years, grilled some bratwurst and lectured the cats on how stupid they are.

Things can be very good, even if they're simple.

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